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Partsbase LookUp is the best companion to your PartsBase membership as it brings all your inventory listings to your company website! It is easy and fast to integrate.

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Always in Sync

Bring all the inventory you are already listing in PartsBase to your website.
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Plug and Play

Very easy to integrate (HTML5 or WP) and does not require major changes to your website. It is also web responsive which means it works on any mobile device.
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All of your RFQs under one roof

Receive RFQs directly from your website and review them in the PartBase interface.
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Business Intelligence

Review daily searches from your visitors and see what parts they looked for that you don't have today (spoiler alert: this can help you optimize your inventory!)
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Showcasing your inventory and receiving RFQs has never been easier!

The PB Lookup is the ultimate widget for your PartsBase Aviation/Aerospace website as it allows your visitors to browse through your existing inventory and submit RFQs with just a few clicks. Furthermore, if you pair it up with the CRM/ERP capabilities of PartsBase Digital Platform, it can generate leads and orders for you in real time with zero additional effort.

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